A wireframe kit that is flexible and easy to use

Use with Figma free version
Wireframy works on the free version of Figma
Use with Figma teams
Use Wireframy as a library with Figma teams (paid)
Search for components + drag & drop
After adding the Wireframy library click assets then search
Easily navigate the pages & assets
The pages and assets are named for you to easily navigate
Copy directly from the Figma file
Simply open the Wireframy file and copy then paste

How to install Wireframy?

Installation Guide
Quickly learn how to install and use Wireframy inside Figma.

Figma Variants in Wireframy

How to use Variants with Wireframy
Wireframy is built on new Figma Variant features. Learn how we utilise the power of Variants. Never wireframes from scratch anymore.

How to use Auto Layout?

Wireframy is built on Figma NEW Auto-layout
Resize and stretch your components however you want.

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