A wireframe kit that is flexible and easy to use

With full figma integration, seamlessly drag and drop layouts and components to rapidly build your wireframes.

How to install Wireframy?

Installation Guide

Quickly learn how to install and use Wireframy inside Figma.

Figma Variants in Wireframy

How to use Variants with Wireframy

Wireframy is built on new Figma Variant features. Learn how we utilise the power of Variants. Never wireframes from scratch anymore.

How to use Auto Layout?

Wireframy is built on Figma NEW Auto-layout

Resize and stretch your components however you want.

Kickstart your next project with speed and precision

Wireframy is more than just static wireframes. It’s an extensive library of 794 easy-to-use components and 305 layouts instantly at your fingertips. Create impressive UX lightning fast!

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