Website & Mobile Wireframe Kit for Figma

Stop wasting time designing wireframes from scratch

2,300+ re-usable wireframe components, 170+ website layouts and 1,500+ custom icons.

Proudly used by
Happy designers
Pre-made layouts
Custom Icons
100% Figma
Built for the future of design.
Yes, we love Figma.
Organised files
Easily locate layouts and components
Typography Guide
Perfect combination of Headings and text styles
Variants Integration
Integration with new Figma Variants features
Light and dark mode desktop layouts
Resize layouts and components with ease
Mobile Layouts
Bonus mobile layouts and components
1500+ icons
A huge pack of vector icons from Steamline icons

Simply drag and drop to create instant wireframes

Enjoy over 2,300+ components and 170+ purpose built layouts. Build landing pages, dashboards.. you name it! Enjoy super fast workflows that will save you so much time!

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+ much more
NEW: Integration with new Figma Auto-Layout version

Effortlessly re-size any component or layout to fit your needs

Easily resize and position components to create layouts for any device. Enjoy multiple states, colour styles, grid sizes + more!

NEW: Integration with new Figma Variants feature

Seamlessly update hundreds of styles in seconds

This kit was designed for rapid designing! Each page and component is neatly filed and named so they’re easy to search and locate! Speed up your workflow and make an impact today.

Fully compatible with

Wireframy is fully compatible with the new FIGJAM board from Figma. Perfect for non-designers and Product Managers to ideate with the team. Learn more about FigJam

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Kickstart your next project with speed and precision

Wireframy is more than just static wireframes. It’s an extensive library of over 2300+ easy-to-use components and 170+ layouts instantly at your fingertips. Create impressive UX lightning fast!

Made for Figma
  • 2,300+ components
  • Resizable components
  • Typography + Color guide
  • 1,500+ icons from Streamline
  • Lifetime Wireframy 3.0 updates
  • 170+ Layouts (Light & dark)
  • Desktop & Mobile Layouts
  • Designed for Figma
  • 100% made for Figma
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3,200+ happy designers
January 3, 2022
  • Clean up of all components with updated Figma Auto-Layout
  • Clean up of all Colour Styles
  • Removed future maintenance of Sketch and XD version. We will solely focus on Figma from now on.
  • NEW Instruction PDF of how to install Wireframy for Free and Paid Figma users.

April 16, 2021
  • Sketch & Adobe XD version of Wireframy available for purchase.
October 6, 2020
  • Integration with NEW Auto-Layout
  • Fixing Width and Height Auto Resizing
  • Integration with NEW Variant Figma

Frequently asked questions

Any questions, feel free to contact

Can I use Wireframy for commercial projects?

Whilst you are an active Wireframy customer, you are most definitely allowed to use our product for commercial projects.

Can I use Wireframy for multiple projects?

Whilst you are an active Wireframy customer, you are more than welcome to use our product for multiple projects.

What is Wireframy Wireframe Kit?

Wireframy is a wireframe kit designed and built on Figma. It empowers designers to speed up their design process with over 2300+ pre-made drag-and-drop wireframe components.

What happens if I want a refund?

We only provide refunds if the product is deemed faulty and each case is treated separately. Reach out to us on and we’ll be in touch ASAP.

We do not accept the following reasons:

• You change your mind about an item
• You bought an item by mistake

How often do you release updates?

We try to release new updates as soon as we can. You can check our changelog to see our past updates. If you have any feature requests, please write to us at

Is it a one-time or monthly/annual payment?

You can purchase the latest version of Wireframy with a one-time payment. If you are looking to upgrade, please contact us on

How do I get support?

We will always try to solve your issues ASAP. Just write to us at

Does Wireframy work with Windows?

Wireframy is built for Figma and works with both Windows and Mac.

I’m a student, do you provide discounts?

Yes, we provide a 50% off for all students. Just hit us up with an email at with your photo / scanned ID.

How do I install Wireframy?

Installing Wireframy is super easy. Simple step by step instructions can be found inside the document or on this page which will help you get set-up in no time!

  1. Import or open the file within Figma
  2. Start creating pages within the file to use it

If you're using Figma (Paid), you can:

  • Either create pages within the Wireframy file OR publish it to a project to start using it.

If you're using Figma (Free version), you can:

  • Create pages within the Wireframy document and use a fresh Wireframy version every time you start a new project.
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