How to install?

Thanks for purchasing Wireframy!  Follow these steps to install Wireframy:

Step 1:
Open your Team Library window.
Step 2:
Click on "Assets"
Step 3:
Click on Library icon
Step 4:
Click on Publish
You can now use Wireframy within Figma as a Library.

[OPTIONAL] You can get the Figma Team Feature to use all the components in different files and projects

How to use?

To use Wireframy, it’s very simple. You need to go to Assets on your left side panel and search for any componentts you want.

Step 1:
For example, if you search “Calendar”:
Step 2:
Just drag the component, wherever you need in your file.

Can I swap component?

Yes you can! Just Hold the Alt button when dragging and you can easily swap a component with another. Very useful for icon for example!